Adult Hearing Evaluation

The audiometric evaluation consists of testing with both speech and pure tones. Testing with pure tones is done to determine the amount of hearing loss for volume. Speech discrimination scores are obtained to estimate the loss of understanding.  More in depth diagnostic evaluations are conducted depending on the type of problem you are experiencing.

Cerumen Removal

An excessive amount of cerumen (wax) can make your ears feel clogged or full. It can also make muffle and diminish sounds, making you think you have a hearing loss.

Friends, neighbors, and online friends can be quick to suggest remedies for cleaning the earwax out of your ears, but the safest way to protect your ears and prevent future damage is to have it cleaned out by a hearing professional.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs): FM Systems

We offer information and guidance on use of assistive listening devices, such as amplified telephones, FM transmitter systems, and infrared systems.

Balance And Dizziness: ENG (Electronystagmography)

Electronystagmography (ENG) is used to evaluate people with vertigo (a false sense of spinning or motion that can cause dizziness) and certain other disorders that affect hearing and vision. Electrodes are placed at locations above and below the eye to record electrical activity. By measuring the changes in the electrical field within the eye, ENG can detect nystagmus (involuntary rapid eye movement) in response to various stimuli. If nystagmus does not occur on stimulation, a problem may exist within the ear, nerves that supply the ear, or certain parts of the brain. This test may also be used to distinguish between lesions in various parts of the brain and nervous system.

Hearing Aids

We work with most main manufacturers of hearing aids. We will work with you to find the best solution for your hearing healthcare needs within your budget.  Our goal is the same as yours-to help you communicate effectively without frustration so that you can enjoy every area of your life.

Our clinic will make every effort to repair hearing aids on site.  We work will all main manufacturer’s and will send your aid out for repair if necessary.  We welcome anyone to our office no matter where you have purchased your hearing aid or what brand it is- we are here to help you.

Hearing Protection Devices (HPD)

Custom molds are made to block out excessive noise levels such as lawn equipment, gun fire when hunting, and even molds to block out your loved one’s snoring!