We’re on the Lookout for Great People to Join Our Team

Building on the reputation we’ve already established as the most trusted team of audiologists in North Texas, we’re always looking for hard-working individuals who are passionate about what they do in order to enhance the hearing care service we provide to the region.

Denton Hearing Health Care has earned the trust of hundreds of individuals in our region since we opened our doors.

From time to time, someone who has been a part of our team has moved on to other opportunities, advanced to a new level in their career, earned their well-deserved retirement, or we just need a little more help.

Dr. Katie L. Kufeldt, Audiologist at Denton Hearing Health Care

What We’re Looking For at Denton Hearing Health Care

Six Reasons to Join Our Team

#1 – We’re Patient Focused

We don’t sell our patients a hearing device or hearing care package; we focus on the unique needs of our patients, which means diagnosing and addressing the specific needs of each individual in a personal way, creating a partnership on their journey to better hearing.

#2 – Diagnostic Accuracy Is Essential

Our comprehensive hearing assessments make use of the advanced technology and the best audiological practices in order to pinpoint specific issues for each individual set of hearing challenges. Diagnostic accuracy translates into a greater capacity to customize treatment solutions that take the unique lifestyle and personal preferences of our patients into consideration.

#3 – We Love the People in the Communities We Serve

Our families live, work, and participate in Denton and North Texas life, which means that we’re concerned about the same things that our patients are concerned about. We use our special gifts and talents to serve those around us by participating in community events and giving back whenever possible.

#4 – We Use Advanced Technology

Although our focus remains on each individual patient, our team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible while also making use of cutting-edge technology hearing aids to meet the unique needs and personal preferences of our patients.

#5 – We’re All about Education

Informed choices when it comes to the hearing care our patients choose is a priority. To accomplish this, we work to raise greater awareness about hearing loss, tinnitus, balance issues, processing disorders, and other issues related to audiology throughout the communities we serve.

#6 – We Love What We Do

Watching our patients reconnect with loved ones, friends, and colleagues, thanks to better hearing, and witnessing the better quality of life are among the individual victories we’re privileged to take part in. In fact, that’s what motivates us to get out of bed each morning.

Start Your Hearing Care Career with Denton Hearing Health Care

We’re always on the lookout for incredible people to join us on our journey to providing better hearing for individuals in the North Texas region if you’re interested in:

  • hearing aid specialist jobs
  • audiology assistant jobs
  • hearing instrument specialist jobs
  • audiology technician jobs
  • hearing aid technician
  • audiologist career
  • patient care jobs

If you’re motivated to serve others and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that every patient receives the best possible hearing care available, contact us today and start your audiology career journey with us.

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