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It’s possible, due to the gradual nature of hearling loss, that you wouldn’t even notice it, but perhaps your friends or family have been commenting on how you don’t seem to hear as clearly, or you’ve noticed yourself finding it more difficult to hear when your surroundings are noisy.

To help you to understand how good your hearing is, our audiologists have put together a very short quiz that consists of a few multiple-choice questions. Once you answer the first question below, the next question will appear, and so on.

We know that every person that comes to us is a unique individual with specialized needs. Personal preferences is the foundation upon which we establish lifelong hearing care partnerships that are designed just for you. Take advantage of the personalized hearing care we provide for individuals across Denton by contacting us using one of our online forms:

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Are family and friends harassing you to turn down the TV or to get your ears checked? Maybe a night out or family gatherings are no longer enjoyable because background noise makes it impossible to enjoy conversation

It could be time to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment with one of our doctors of audiology at Denton Hearing Health Care. Regardless of where you are in the North Texas region, you can start your journey to better hearing and a better quality of life by submitting the adjacent form so a member of our team can provide scheduling assistance.

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