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Have voices started to sound far away or muffled and you fear you’ve lost your hearing, or do you feel a fullness or stuffiness in your ears but don’t have a cold? These symptoms could be the result of built-up or impacted earwax.
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In addition to temporary or sudden hearing loss or stuffiness in your ears, impacted earwax often causes dizziness, headaches, balance issues, infections, ringing in the ears, and/or ear pressure when left untreated.

If you’re looking for relief, your first question could be, “Is there a place to get professional earwax removal or ear cleaning near me?”

Denton Hearing Health Care has you covered with the safest, most effective earwax removal by an earwax removal professional at our Denton, Texas clinic.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Earwax Buildup?

When earwax accumulates and becomes impacted, it causes a blockage and/or irritation in the ear canal, producing symptoms such as:
  • Aural fullness (stuffiness)
  • Earaches Headaches
  • Muffled hearing
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Balance issues
  • Itchiness or irritation in the ear canal
  • Decreased hearing aid performance
Woman with severe earwax buildup symptoms
Man with earwax pain touching his ears

What Is Earwax?

Designed to clean dirt, fungus, bacteria, and other debris from your ear canal as well as lubricate your ears, earwax is nature’s way of keeping your ears healthy.

The sticky, wax-like oil known as cerumen is important to your overall health, which means it is necessary to maintain a delicate balance between having enough earwax and having too much.

What Causes Earwax Buildup and Impacted Earwax?

Narrow ear canals, loss of elasticity from aging, living/working in dusty environments, and hearing aid use are all common causes for excessive earwax buildup, but the most common cause of impacted earwax is the use of cotton swabs while you attempt to clean out your own earwax.

Whenever you use a cotton swab or some other long, thin tube (we shudder to think of what that might be), you are more apt to push the earwax deeper into your ear canal and pack it in tighter rather than removing it. While you’re digging around in there, you also run the risk of rupturing or damaging your eardrum.

Professional Earwax Removal and Earwax Extraction in North Texas

Our earwax removal specialists have the expertise, experience, and equipment to deal with your earwax the right way, allowing your ears to have enough earwax to stay healthy without upsetting nature’s delicate balance.

Not only does our specialist have a better view of your ear when dealing with your earwax issues, but we also have special training in various earwax removal and earwax extraction techniques and have the right equipment to ensure safe removal. In addition, when earwax production is an ongoing issue, we can recommend proven products designed to reduce earwax without interrupting or upsetting the delicate balance of earwax production.

Rather than digging and scraping around in your ear with a curette (a long, thin instrument with a wire loop), irrigation is the primary method of earwax removal used in our clinic. Irrigation involves our specialist introducing warm water into your ear in order to soften the earwax and help flush it out.

In most cases, irrigation is enough, but when we have to use a curette to fish out stubborn earwax, our vantage point allows us to perform the task with the least amount of discomfort to you and without the risk of doing damage to your ear canal and/or eardrum.

Audiologist using earigator to performing ear cleaning

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Quick Relief For Earwax Buildup

If you can’t get to Denton Hearing Health Care right away, but need some quick relief from impacted earwax, you can use a softening agent like mineral oil or olive oil and follow these steps:

Place 2-3 drops of oil in one ear.

Lie sideways for approximately five minutes to allow for the oil to “sit and soak.”

Wipe any excess oil from the outside of your ear with a soft cloth.

Repeat on your other ear.

Continue this treatment for 3-4 days.

This process softens the wax so that it works its way out of your ears naturally.

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You don’t have to endure the earache, hearing loss, tinnitus, or other symptoms of impacted earwax, which can interrupt your daily life. Our earwax removal specialist at Denton Hearing Health Care has the expertise, experience, and equipment to safely remove built-up earwax and help you get control of excessive earwax production.

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