Dr. Alyssa Rush


Dr. Rush is originally from Long Island in New York. In 2014, she moved to Texas to attend TWU on a gymnastics scholarship and to pursue her education. Dr. Rush graduated from TWU in 2018 and was accepted into the audiology program at UNT. She graduated from UNT in 2022.

Each day, Dr. Rush arrives at Denton Hearing Health Care, checks her email, and logs in to the day’s schedule to review the appointments for the day. She spends some time reading her patients’ paperwork to prepare for the appointments as well as catching up on any reports or notes from the previous day.

Once her patients start arriving, her day is filled with completing their appointments and writing up their reports following their visit. Some days, the office has walk-in appointments, and Dr. Rush will help clean and fix hearing aids in between the scheduled appointments.

Dr. Rush loves having the opportunity to help her patients every day, and she considers each day as a new day to help someone. She also likes being surrounded by the Denton team who helps her to be a better provider for her patients.
Recently, Dr. Rush helped Dr. Kufeldt with Denton’s Hear for the Holidays recipient. The recipient had visited Denton Hearing a few months earlier and her family nominated her to receive a set of hearing aids. The recipient was so appreciative, and Dr. Rush was thrilled to be a part of the experience.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Rush enjoys doing CrossFit with her husband and their friends. She recently gave birth and now being a mom to the sweetest little girl has become her new favorite job! Dr. Rush also loves spending time with family and taking their goldendoodle pup Sully for walks around the neighborhood.

Dr. Alyssa Rush, Audiologist at Denton Hearing Health Care

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