8 Reasons to Choose Denton Hearing Health Care

If you’re looking for the right team of hearing care experts to partner with you or a loved one on the long-term journey to achieve better hearing, then you may be in the right place. To help you decide, here are 8 reasons why local people choose to partner with us.

Women wearing a hearing testing headset sitting inside a sound booth

#1 – Family Centred Approach

Hearing loss rarely impacts just one individual; it often also impacts the people around them.

For over 40 years, we have been supporting families by helping their loved one to reconnect with the world around them and re-engage in the things that they love.

Through collaboration with families, we’re able to help you to better support your loved ones to help them to achieve better hearing.

#2 – Treat the Whole Person, Not Just the Hearing

Many hearing care clinics run some testing, fit their ‘patient’ with a hearing aid and send them on their way. Our approach is the opposite.

First of all, we see you as a PERSON, not PATIENT.

Second of all, our focus is not on whether you can hear better today, it’s that you’ll also be able to hear better in the days, weeks, months, and years that will follow by focusing on a lifelong relationship.

#3 – Trusted by Thousands of Local Families

There’s no greater honor than being the hearing care experts that families turn to for advice, support, and help with their loved ones.

To learn more about what families say about working with Denton Hearing, then please click here.

#4 – This Is Not a Medical Model

Although we obsess over delivering the highest levels of audiological standards/care, we purposely choose not to be a sterile and bland medical environment that makes you feel like you’re a number, rather than a person.

Our office is warm, welcoming, and it will feel like you’re part of our family – if you’re like many of the local people that we care for, you’ll even look forward to your next appointment!

#5 – We’re Here for the Long Haul

Although our business has 40 years of experience under our belt, we have a young and passionate leadership team that plan to serve the community for the next 40 years and more.

You can be confident that you’ll be entering a partnership that will deliver on all of their promises, both short term and long-term.

#6 – Trusted by Local Physicians

With a reputation for delivering advanced hearing healthcare, we’re trusted by many local physicians who turn to us for support, guidance, and to refer patients that are experiencing an array of hearing health concerns.

#7 – Highly Experienced Doctors of Audiology

With two Doctors of Audiology, you’ll be partnering with the highly trained hearing experts that are able to support all aspects of your hearing healthcare from hearing loss to balance/dizziness and pediatric care.

#8 – Passionate About the Community

With a track-record of being rooted in this community and supporting many families, Denton Hearing Health Care by providing hearing care to local veterans, spotlighting great local independent businesses, and offering their time/expertise to help people in the community that may otherwise struggle to access hearing care to receive help.

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Dr. Katie L. Kufeldt, Audiologist at Denton Hearing Health Care

Dr. Katie L. Kufeldt


Anne Keeling, Office Manager at Denton Hearing Health Care

Anne Keeling

Office Manager

Madison Lyde, Hearing Aid Technician at Denton Hearing Healthcare

Madison Lyde

Hearing Aid Technician and First Year Doctoral Student

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